AF 150x125

Advanced Long-Life Fuel

Advanced Long-Life Fuel contains natural enzymes extracted from marine algae. WP’s Advanced Fuel is designed to cut contamination, eliminate biodiesel issues (irrespective of bio content) and improve fuel consumption.

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WP Advanced Filtration has been specially designed to ensure maximum resilience and reliability of stored fuel over the life of the fuel tank. Using unique patent-pending technology, this state-of-the-art system will extract fuel from all areas of the tank.

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inventory automation


Remote monitoring equipment installed in the tank provides real-time measurement levels displayed in a web application for reporting and metering purposes.

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Monthly Feature

WPvan tanker

total fuel management

WP Fuel Solutions (WPFS) provide bespoke fuel management packages to prevent fuel contamination and degradation in long term storage. Our fuel management packages removes the risk involved in storing fuel and ensures your investment is kept in the most efficient and reliable condition possible, ready for when you need it most.

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