Fuel Specification

WP Fuel Solutions (WPFS) are experts in critical fuel management and understand the importance of your stand-by power. Contaminated fuel can stop even the most advanced backup generators, yet most companies do not have a critical fuel management plan.

Find out why fuel contamination occurs and discover the impact legislation has had on the quality and longevity of fuel.

Fuel Contamination

There are many varying types of fuel contamination found in gas oil. It only takes one type to cause a breakdown to your uninterrupted power system.

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Fuel Legislation

It is important that your fuel is within the correct specification to ensure your warranty and insurance is covered.  It is vital that companies are aware of the recent changes to legislation as well as the impact that these changes have had on the delivery and long-term specification of fuel.

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Monthly Feature

WPvan tanker

total fuel management

WP Fuel Solutions (WPFS) provide bespoke fuel management packages to prevent fuel contamination and degradation in long term storage. Our fuel management packages removes the risk involved in storing fuel and ensures your investment is kept in the most efficient and reliable condition possible, ready for when you need it most.

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