Advanced Long-Life Fuel

WP's Advanced long life fuel has been specially formulated to ensure stored fuel remains clean and contaminate free for prolonged standby periods in data centres and critical facilities with uninterrupted power requirements.

The Advanced formula contains natural enzymes from marine algae which have powerful anti-bacterial properties. Enzymes cause and create reactions when bio contamination is detected and their multiplying numbers attack the contamination by feeding off the protective layer they live within.

This makes them perfect for preventing microbial growth as they are constantly reacting with the slightest contaminates.

Key benefits of Advanced Long Life Fuel in your data centre:

Why use Advanced Fuel?

Fuel specification changes in 2011 mean that off highway fuel must contain no more than 10ppm of sulphur. This is good for the environment but damaging to the longevity of fuel as the refining process involved in removing the sulphur content is damaging to the efficiency and stability of the fuel. Sulphur was used as a lubricating agent, however biofuel has now been introduced to replace the sulphur and lubricate the engine components. Biofuel is naturally hydroscopic (absorbs moisture from the air) this leads to water and microbial contamination which in turn de-stabilises fuel ultimately causing the fuel to drop out of specification.

Combined with our bolt on fuel management package WPFS can ensure fuel contamination is never a concern again.

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WP Fuel Solutions (WPFS) provide bespoke fuel management packages to prevent fuel contamination and degradation in long term storage. Our fuel management packages removes the risk involved in storing fuel and ensures your investment is kept in the most efficient and reliable condition possible, ready for when you need it most.

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