advanced filtration

WP'S Advanced filtration system utilises patent-pending technology to provide unrivalled and prolonged level of in-tank cleanliness.

This revolutionary approach address the need to ensure the tank bottom remains clean and free of contaminates. Via a matrix network of aerated pipes, this advanced filtration system filters fuel evenly from the entire tank bottom using a high velocity “max-flow” pumping system.

This advanced system has been designed with three key objectives:

  1. Eliminate the requirement for repeated tank cleaning by keeping the fuel in specification
  2. Provide regular in-line sample analysis and report accordingly to BMS or via text alerts and email warnings
  3. Fully automated system managment via state-of-the-art sensors and real time reporting (in development)

Key Benefits

Key Features

Why use WP Advanced filtration?

If you’re looking to ensure your fuel tank looks after itself and eliminate tank cleaning our system has what you need.

WP Fuel Solutions, experts in long term fuel storage.


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total fuel management

WP Fuel Solutions (WPFS) provide bespoke fuel management packages to prevent fuel contamination and degradation in long term storage. Our fuel management packages removes the risk involved in storing fuel and ensures your investment is kept in the most efficient and reliable condition possible, ready for when you need it most.

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