MPF brochureIntroducing the Multipoint Filtration System, WP Group’s first-to-market advanced fuel management system designed for uninterrupted power. 

DCD PicThe DatacenterDynamics EMEA Awards are part of a unique global series that provides worldwide recognition to outstanding individuals, teams and projects.  Celebrating innovation, leadership and ‘out of the box’ thinking, this ‘Oscars’ style event is the highlight of the data centre calendar, attended by industry leaders from across the EAME region. 

IMG 0378Data centre failure and downtime is a topic which has been documented on many occasions, however there is limited knowledge within companies on how to proactively manage fuel.

contamination 1
The quality of stored red diesel/ gas oil (BS2869) deteriorates over time due to contamination and natural degradation. There are five main types of contamination including; water, wax, rust, non-organic particulates and microbial growth.
Fuel contaminationFuel contamination is a common risk when fuel is stored for long-periods, yet it only takes a small amount to jeopardise your critical uninterrupted power. The worrying fact is that some companies are not aware of the dangers lurking within their fuel tanks and very few have a certified fuel management programme.